New Website Launches – Visit My Farm!

Farmers looking to open their farms for educational visits, now have all the information they need in one place, thanks to a new website developed by LEAF in partnership with FACE (Farming And Countryside Education) and Natural England. The website, is a unique one stop shop, providing a wealth of information, resources and ideas to help farmers  get geared up for hosting  fun and engaging farm visits.

Bill Graham from FACE said, “There is a constant demand by schools for educational farm visits and it is a very effective and enjoyable way of teaching pupils about the food they eat and how farmers care for the countryside. Visit My Farm offers a valuable resource for anyone who wants to get involved”.

Caroline Drummond, LEAF, Bill Graham, FACE, Patrick Wrixon, LEAF Board Member, and Poul Christensen, Natural England, at the Visit My Farm Launch

Poul Christensen, Chair of Natural England, added, “Farm visits are a great way to allow children to get close to nature and be shown how their food is produced and the important work farmers do to protect the countryside. As a farmer myself, I am delighted that Natural England is supporting Visit My Farm, which is an exciting new initiative that will help young people to meet up with farmers who really care about the vital link between our food and the countryside.”

Visit My Farm includes a step by step guide covering everything farmers need to know about hosting educational visits, from contacting schools, promotion, health and safety, financial help and much more.  There is also a huge range of fantastic downloadable resources including press releases templates, work sheets, activity guides, introductory letters to schools and posters.

Take a look today and see what you think


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