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New Podcast: Climate Week and Trade-offs

Image by SamSnook on flickr

LEAF’s Justine Hards is joined by LEAF’s Chairman, Stephen Fell, Vice Chairman, Robert Kynaston, and Chief Executive, Caroline Drummond, discussing some key topics brought up at a recent debate around the competing choices and trade-offs facing food producers in addressing food security and issues around climate change and agriculture.

This week is Climate Week, and in this podcast we address some of the challenges that all of us face as a result of climate change and address the statement, ‘Why rising CO2 levels are actually good for food security’.

You can listen to the podcast with the player below, download an Mp3 or use our RSS feed. The podcasts are also available through itunes here.

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Valuing Biodiversity

As increasing pressure is placed on addressing food security, there are growing fears that the environment will lose out. Biodiversity underpins a wide range of services, many of which are currently undervalued. The bacteria and microbes that transform waste, insects that pollinate our crops and the biologically rich landscapes that provide enjoyment, are only a few. Importantly, 50% of all species in Europe rely on agricultural habitats to survive and 20% of crops in the UK rely on insect pollination. This is why it is so important for us to recognise the key role farming plays in the interdependency of a thriving nature alongside food production. Continue reading