LEAF Marque Standard Public Consultation – helping deliver robust, transparent and resilient supply chains

Anthony Goggin

Anthony Goggin, LEAF’s Certification and Assurance Manager

LEAF members and stakeholders are being invited to take part in a public consultation of the LEAF Marque Standard. Anthony Goggin, LEAF’s Certification and Assurance Manager, sets out why engagement in the consultation process is so critical to help drive forward more sustainable food and farming. 


The principles of IFM underpin the LEAF Marque Standard

LEAF Marque is an environmental assurance system recognising sustainably farmed products.  It offers farmers public recognition that products have been grown sustainably with care for the environment, following LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management (IFM).  Ensuring the LEAF Marque standard continues to evolve in order to meet the world’s ever changing sustainability challenges is absolutely critical.   A fundamental part of this is reaching out to our members and wider stakeholders to seek their views on how the LEAF Marque standard evolves, its priorities and future direction. Fundamentally, this ensures the LEAF Marque standard remains robust, practical and critically, contributes to LEAF’s vision of a world that is farming, eating and living sustainably.

Evolution and Innovation

ISEAL Cred Principles

ISEAL’s Credibility Principles represent the core values upon which effective sustainability standards are built

The world’s sustainability challenges are ever growing.  The LEAF Marque standard must continue to evolve and innovate in order to effectively address these ever changing social, political and environmental issues.  As a full member of ISEAL, we work within the framework of their Impacts Code of Good Practice and are committed to their ten Credibility Principles which represent the core values upon which effective sustainability standards are built.

Similarly, being part of a global membership association for sustainability standards helps drive forward our monitoring and evaluation objectives, so we can demonstrate what impact LEAF Marque certified businesses are making to the delivery of more sustainable farming.  Our latest global impacts report highlights some really encouraging progress.

Billy DSC_0047

LEAF Marque certified businesses across the globe delivering more sustainable food and farming

It’s all about engagement

We want the LEAF Marque standard to have maximum impact to delivering more sustainable food and farming.  It will only do this if it responds effectively to the needs of farmers, the wider food chain and the needs of consumers.  This public consultation provides our members, stakeholders and anyone with an interest in sustainable farming, with an opportunity to shape the future direction of the LEAF Marque Standard.  Providing meaningful opportunities for everyone to engage and contribute to its continual improvement, will help to drive forward lasting change to address serious global challenges.

Get involved in the current LEAF Marque Standard public consultation here, which runs until the 8th July 2016.   We look forward to hearing from you.


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