LEAFasks: How much more would you be prepared to pay for your food to account for public goods?

Last month we asked, “Food aside, what do you consider to be the most important thing that farming delivers?”. There were two answers which proved most popular – ‘Biodiversity and healthy environment’ (45%) and ‘Rural economy and employment’ (41%).

Nobody considered ‘wellbeing’, ‘beautiful countryside’ or ‘connection with the local community’ to be most important. However, we did receive a few alternative responses listing food, renewable energy and traffic jams!

Earlier this month, LEAF, Syngenta and The Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network (ESKTN) held a debate to address the key global challenge of this century – food security. A big talking point at the event was values and how much we are prepared to pay for our food and the public goods that farming delivers – so, our LEAFasks question this month is (for more information on public goods provided by agriculture see here):



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