Good Luck and Have Fun at Open Farm Sunday!

Only a few days left to go before Open Farm Sunday, farming’s annual open day!

Hundreds of farmers across the UK will be getting out the brooms and paint, putting up the livestock pens, polishing the machinery, all in preparation for the big day. We really hope that the sun shines this Sunday and that everyone has a great day and all that hard work will pay off.
For everyone wanting to find out which farms are opening near you, please take a look at our website

There are so many exciting things you and your family can do – from tractor and trailer rides, to farm walks and nature trails and even discovering how worms are a farmer’s best friend. You might have the chance to see sheep being sheared, cows being milked or chicks hatching!

Each farm is different and LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday provides a great opportunity to experience REAL farming at first hand and to meet Britain’s farmers.

If you take your camera with you do enter our photography competition to capture a farmtastic moment on the farm, there are some great prizes and we’re looking forward to some fantastic entries!

Good luck to everyone taking part from all of us at LEAF and have a successful Open Farm Sunday!


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