LEAF Demonstration Sites, Summer Event

LEAF Demonstration Farmers, Innovation Centre representatives and LEAF supporters, gathered together last week for our annual summer training event, based this year near Bristol.

David Curtis and Ralph Grindling using a Ugandan ‘tip-tap’

Our first visit was truly inspirational. LEAF Demonstration Farmers, Jeremy & Sue Padfield and Rob & Suzanne Addicott actively practice Integrated Farm Management across their business. We had great fun making a Ugandan ‘tip tap’ – very simple but very effective.

The site of the Glastonbury Festival was our next stop. Michael Eavis and Phil Miller from Worthy Farm near Shepton Mallet gave us a great insight into the Festival and the work they are doing beyond this. The scale of the Festival is almost incomprehensible. Some 45,000 rubbish bins were being painted to fit the theme and a new waste sorting building is under construction. Most notably, the installation of a 200 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system, the largest non-commercial solar PV installation in the UK!

Some 1100 solar PV panels have been placed on the farm’s ‘Mootel’ which is home to the 500 head dairy herd whilst the festival takes place.

Our final visit, hosted by John Alvis, was to Lye Cross Farm at Redhill in North Somerset. John is managing director of the family owned business, who have been making cheese since 1952 and have grown to become one of the UK’s leading organic cheese producers. It was amazing to see the cheese factory where over 5,000 tonnes of cheese are produced each year. The packing plant rolls out cheese in any size, from 20g ‘Snack Stix’ to 5kg catering packs. Alvis Bros. Ltd are in the process of building up their herd and have recently commissioned a new state of the art 64-stall rotary parlour.

Thanks to everyone who came along, to our guest speakers and everyone involved in hosting visits – it really was a great couple of days.

LEAF's LDF Summer Event

About the Author

Kathryn Mitchell, LEAFKathryn Mitchell is LEAF’s IFM Development Co-ordinator, responsible for LEAF Demonstration Farms, Sustainable Innovation Network and IFM documentation. You can contact Kathryn on kathryn.mitchell@leafuk.org


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