LEAF’s Technical Field Day at Harper Adams

Harper Adams UC hosted it’s first Technical Field Day, in conjunction with LEAF and sponsored by BOCM Pauls, DairyCo and Väderstad.

Farmers from across England travelled to Harper Adams for a series of talks and demonstrations. Visitors to the “Profitable Farming and the Environment” event set off on guided tours around the Harper Adams farm, where they heard some fantastic talks on a whole host of topics: including irrigation and the importance of water quality, soil protection and cultivation choices, looking at carbon hoofprinting and alternatives such as anaerobic digestion.

Farmers are constantly juggling soil management, crop protection, pollution control, animal welfare and biodiversity. We bring all of these things together under the Integrated Farm Management(IFM) framework. So we had a range of speakers at Harper Adams and from the feedback we’ve had it was a very successful day! Caroline was certainly looking forward to it…

For more information on the Technical Field Day, please click here

About the Author

imageKathryn Mitchell is LEAF’s IFM Development Co-ordinator, responsible for LEAF Demonstration Farms, Sustainable Innovation Network and IFM documentation. You can contact Kathryn on kathryn.mitchell@leafuk.org


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