LEAF Takes Over the TV!

LEAF TV!Over the last few weeks there has been a spate of appearances from LEAF farmers, members and supporters on the TV. With the likes of The Great British Food Revival and Lambing Live hitting our screens recently, it was only going to be a matter of time before some LEAF members cropped up.

Kicking off LEAF TV, as we shall call it, was Anthony and Lucy Carroll from Tiptoe Farm in Northumberland, on The Great British Food Revival. They had near enough 15 minutes of airtime talking with Gregg Wallace (from MasterChef) about their heritage variety potatoes. It was a great watch, and it was really good to see Gregg enjoying Lucy’s Union Jack Potatoes dish!

A couple of weeks later, again on The Great British Food Revival, Gary Rhodes was kicking some life into the British tomato industry. LEAF members were all over the first half of the episode with Eric Wall Ltd, New Convent Garden Market and Guy and Wright Ltd, all talking tomatoes.

As if this wasn’t enough, Jake Freestone of Overbury Farms then made an appearance with his lamb on Midlands Today news!

Are you a LEAF farmer, member or supporter? Have you been on TV and we’ve missed it? Tell us about your TV appearances below or tweet us @LEAF_Farming


2 responses to “LEAF Takes Over the TV!

  1. Is there a link anywhere to view the Great Food Revival programme online?


  2. Unfortunately, it seems that you can’t. This was the link, but it seems that the BBC have taken it down now.
    You can still watch a short clip though, and luckily I recorded it on my freeview box!

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